Discovery analytics that drive operational Intelligence.

We provide our customers with shortcuts to decisions and actions by giving the power of the data to the people that can interpret the data. Our technology is based on several international pending patents.

Alarm Management

Route towards Level4 EEMUA

Alarm Management cannot be successful as a one time effort. We take responsibility for the performance of your alarm systems as a total care project on a continuous basis. Data mining and conditional alarming make our approach efficient and unique.


What can we
do for you?

D square offers clear and quantifiable return on investment in all offerings. 

We help plant managers to detect, analyze and solve critical business issues so they achieve and even exceed the most challenging production targets. Our innovative and market leading data mining solutions provide real-time decision support for each operational role, with quantifiable benefits.

Do you fail to achieve production or safety excellence? Our solutions help you to detect, analyze and solve critical business issues such as:

  • Decreasing ROA
  • Excess downtime
  • Production targets (throughput @ certain quality @ time) not met
  • High maintenance costs
  • Unacceptable (near) incident rate
  • Violations of safety norms

Our solutions help you to detect, analyze and improve these critical business issues


General company introduction

Fletcher, our virtual data miner, explains who D square is and how we can help in optimizing your total plant efficiency and maximize the Return On Assets (ROA) of your plant.

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